🧿The benefits of IPFS are revolutionizing the current technology sector, causing large companies to implement it in their processes. Netflix, Opera, and Chrome are some companies that rely on this technology. But what does it really mean that we can safely store data…

📖Blockchain enables enterprise business models in the Metaverse

📝Enterprises need to be interacting with the outside world and will therefore be forced to have ecosystems in the Metaverse. For example, consumers want to use loyalty programs outside of single platforms, so they will be more likely to choose brands that ensure rewards can be used within other ecosystems. The Metaverse allows for data, physical assets, commercial and financial assets to be set up in a layer outside of a centralized environment.

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✅We can summarize some of the following benefits of this IPFS protocol:

💥 Avoid server dependency
💥 No more centralized model
💥 Reduce costs (for example server-operating costs, …)
💥 Speed improvements (the more users use this, the faster it is, like BitTorrent)

📌For Hora OS, IPFS is one of the main core technologies we are implementing in order to utilize the data as well as create a decentralized environment for further development. As this technology is gaining more and more acknowledgment and the ability to coordinate together with Blockchain technology, IPFS promises to become an integral component of the web 3.0 infrastructure, allowing distributed storage of data that is resistant to alteration and tampering.

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🌲Thank you for your support during the past year. We value our opportunity to serve you and look forward to doing so in the future. May your Christmas be happy and blessed🦌

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Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol

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