📌Protocol Labs released IPFS in 2015, the project has served to store billions of data files on peer-to-peer file systems. Protocol Labs has demonstrated outstanding success in building IPFS distributed storage systems.

📌IPFS is a distributed, peer-to-peer file sharing network that allows users to back up data files and websites by storing them on multiple nodes.

When a website goes down, such as when the server is attacked by a hacker, all data is stolen or disabled. Or, backing up a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) won’t guarantee security if only stored on the web.

What can you do about this situation?
Don’t worry, that’s a problem IPF will solve.

📌Hora OS has chosen IPFS as the key technology in the project’s ecosystem after a lot of research on the best way to store and distribute data from our customers including users and developers

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Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol