🌈IPFS — Technology that will change the current Internet

🧲IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

Why does the Internet need IPFS?
🌟Here’s the problem with HTTP: When you visit a website, your browser must be directly connected to the computers that are serving the site, so when their servers are far away, the transmission takes a lot of time and bandwidth.

💥The HTTP protocol is server-dependent. If a link in HTTP transmission is broken for any reason, the entire transmission will fail (I am sure each of us has experienced a “404” error once in our life and it is very difficult!!).

💦IPFS will help the Internet grow into a system capable of connecting everyone around the world (even offline), we are free to express who we are, free to find the information we want (true information), and without fear of being blocked by servers or being taken down by some kind of attack.

🚀IPFS is tightly integrated with the Hora OS blockchain. Building projects using IPFS technology is an important part of Hora OS’s mission.

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