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🚀The benefits of IPFS are revolutionizing the current technology sector, causing large companies to implement it in their processes. Netflix, Opera, and Chrome are some companies that rely on this technology. But what does it really mean that we can safely store data on a distributed network? It means that we can optimize and improve the operation of all the processes that happen on the internet.

🔸 End of “servers” hosting websites. All content will be delivered from IPFS and data will be pulled directly from the blockchain.
🔸 End of web registrations to obtain accounts. Your private key will grant permission and access to your identity to websites/providers.
🔸 Direct communication with other people without intermediaries. Truly secure, private, and uncensored communication applications.
🔸 Social networks where your information is only available to those to whom you give permission.

🌈Within these use cases, we can highlight several companies that are implementing them effectively:

🔹 Cloudflare, runs a distributed web gateway to speed up and secure access to IPFS without the need for a local node.
🔹 Microsoft ION, The digital identity system is built on Bitcoin and IPFS and its objective is to build a technology that allows creating a secure and scalable digital identity system at a global level.
🔹 Brave, the search engine uses Origin Protocol and IPFS to host its decentralized merchandise store.
🔹 Opera browser on Android has default support for IPFS, allowing mobile users to navigate ipfs: // links to access data on the IPFS network.
🔹 Wikipedia also uses IPFS. They have developed a mirror of their website, which allows them to access Wikipedia from jurisdictions where it is censored.
🔹 Filecoin, uses IPFS to create a cooperative storage cloud based on IPFS.

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