🧲Hora Chain — The Power Blockchain Platform of Hora OS

🚀Today we will learn more about the OpenEthereum platform that Hora Chain uses.

🌟OpenEthereum is built to provide the core infrastructure needed to enable miners, service providers, and exchanges to synchronize services quickly and with maximum uptime.

💦Hora Chain will be increasingly upgraded to provide customers with fast, compact and advanced services.

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❓Why should you join Hora Staking?

🌟In the process of finalizing the TestNet, continuously testing and improving the features in the Hora Chain, HORA Token plays a big role in this process. It helps to increase the processing capacity and performance of the network. Therefore, similar to other POS consensus platforms, the Hora Staking mechanism encourages users to stake their HORA Tokens to support the processing capacity of network.

Corresponding to it, users will receive:
🔹 Generation of passive income
🔹 More energy-efficient than mining
🔹 Low entry fees
🔹 High level of security

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Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol