🌐Hora Virtual Machine (HVM) belongs to the technology located in Layer 1 of Hora Chain.
HVM is:
👉 A virtual machine system operated to validate the state of the Ethereum blockchain network
👉 HVM allows interaction and data validation without going through the main chain.
👉 HVM can also interact with the main chain through smart contracts to overwrite data on blocks and validate data on blocks via hashing.

✅HVM brings practical benefits to users!

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Private Sale HORA Token Distribution

💥Hora OS will start distributing HORA tokens for Private Sale from this December 20th, 2021

⏰ More info will be updated soon!
🏆 Congratulations to the early investors!

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📊Amidst the red color of the Crypto market, HORA is still green and holding at a good price

👉HORA token price is at 0.045$/Token
✅The price is very good for you guys to buy and hold
🧐How many HORA Tokens do you own?
🧐How much more will the price increase when Hora OS officially launches Mainnet?

Get and hold HORA Token now: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xa6fd7b5c9eee30309b00b65436a284e2053251e5

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📌Protocol Labs released IPFS in 2015, the project has served to store billions of data files on peer-to-peer file systems. Protocol Labs has demonstrated outstanding success in building IPFS distributed storage systems.

📌IPFS is a distributed, peer-to-peer file sharing network that allows…

✅Add HORA Token to your wallet

📌Many people ask admin how to add HORA Token to Metamask, Trust, Safepal wallets….. for long-term storage.

Today admin will guide you step by step in detail and extremely simple with Metamask wallet. For other wallets, please do the same!

🌟Step 1: Open MetaMask Wallet.
🌟Step 2: Click “Add Token”
🌟Step 3: Select “Custom Token”
🌟Step 4: Enter the contract address of HORA token: 0xa6fd7b5c9eee30309b00b65436a284e2053251e5
🌟Step 5: Click “Next”
🌟Step 6: Click “Add Tokens”

📌So you’re done!

🎁Join now :
👉Website: https://horaos.com/
👉Telegram: http://t.me/horaos
👉Telegram Group: http://t.me/horaosgroup
👉Twitter: https://twitter.com/os_hora/status/1460891146612195328
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✅Vietnam, as a developing country, is gradually opening up and accepting blockchain technology and its applications in many different industries in recent times.

📌In the Blockchain Talk series organized by Vietnam Blockchain Chapter — VBC (under VECOM) and Blockchain Chapter — BAS (member of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance), Ufin participated in the discussion on the topic “Portraits of the New Blockchain company generation. Who are they?” with Mr. Lucid Hoang — Founder & CTO of Ufin. There is also the participation of many other experts from DTS, Monihub, Calo App.

🌟See what industry experts have to say about these new opportunities:


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⏲Time: 20:00–21:30 Sunday, 14 November (UTC +7)
Format: On Meeting, live stream on VECOM’s and DTS’s fanpages.
📌Link to register: https://veba.edu.vn/talk5.html

With the topic “Portraits of the new generation of Blockchain companies. Who are they?”, Blockchain…

🔆Pi Node in Hora Chain🔆

Pi Node is a child node extending from adamas node
If there is any change from Adamas Node, the value of Pi Node will update automatically

Manage data of user addresses that are integrated on mobile devices with small capacity, low processing capacity
=> Create a metadata management network to protect user data and increase data processing performance on mobile devices.

📌Nodes will scale to contribute to the common resources of the network, such as compute, storage, and bandwidth

🎁Join now :
👉Website: https://horaos.com/
👉Telegram: http://t.me/horaos
👉Telegram Group: http://t.me/horaosgroup
👉Twitter: https://twitter.com/os_hora/status/1458808244894257154
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Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol

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